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How to Share COA

We are investing in COA through at least the end of 2020 – with high caliber teachers AND keeping it free for attendees. It is rewarding that the attendance and the participation of employees, teams and organizations continues to grow. We want to make it easy to share the program with family, friends, colleagues and within an organization.

Upcoming this August

Keep an eye on this section to share exciting new classes that are added to COA, with your family and friends

Share with your Team

Here are the different mediums you can use to share with your organization

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Email Templates

This email template has information about what COA is and can help your friend/family member to understand next steps to sign up for them

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Printable Flyers

W3Schools W3Schools

You can download and forward these flyers which can help your friends and family member get an insight into different kids and adult classes that COA offers

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Intranet Language

This document can either be forwarded or you can simply copy the text in it to give someone a quick gist of what COA is and how they can use this program during these times

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Intro to COA Flyer

Share this flyer with your family and friends to show them the benefits of signing up with Perks at Work and COA

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Share on your Message Board

We welcome you to take part in Community Online Academy (COA) offered by Perks at Work, with experts teaching 100+ free courses for kids and adults, every Thursday. Engage your mind and body with wellness, learning and fun!
  • 100+ classes run globally from 3am – 9pm EDT on Thursdays
  • Kids + Adult tracks
  • Live classes + on-demand video library
Access free online classes available every Thursday. Sign-up at

Invite Friends and Family

Enjoying Perks at Work? We launched a new benefit where you can now have your friends and family enjoy the exclusive savings and access to the exclusive Community Online Academy.

If you have any questions, please reach out to us at: